Warwick's West Gallery Quire

16th Mid-Shires' Quires' Day 2022

IGQ No Title &
First Line Concert Bb Alto clef Audio
            To play, you will need to double click the downloaded midi files
A131 EM Book 1, Anthem 1 - Michael Dobney,
Bandmaster of the Northampton Militia Band
Unto thee O Lord will I lift up my soul A131_Dobney-Book1-Anthem1-Unto-thee-O-Lord/A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lord-Concert 2.pdf A131_Dobney-Book1-Anthem1-Unto-thee-O-Lord/A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lord-Bbinsts-2.pdf .
    Extracted Parts Treble A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lord_Treble-Concert.pdf A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lord_Treble-Bbinsts.pdf    
    Extracted Parts Alto A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lord_Alto-Concert.pdf A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lord_Alto-Bbinsts.pdf    
    Extracted Parts Tenor A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lords_Tenor-Concert.pdf A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lords_Tenor-Bbinsts.pdf    
    Extracted Parts Bass A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lord_Bass_Bass Inst.pdf A131_Dobney_Book1-Anthem1_Unto thee O Lord_Bass_Bass Inst-Bbinsts.pdf    
  KB New York O God my strength and fortitude New York - Full Score.pdf New York - Parts.pdf    
  KB Welford On thee who dwel'st above the skies Welford 03 Jan 22 - Full Score.pdf Welford 03 Jan 22 - Parts.pdf
nn BS Pierpoint Give heed my heart, lift up thine eyes Pierpoint_L.M..pdf Pierpoint_L.M. Bb version.pdf Pierpoint_L.M. Alto clef.pdf  
nn BS Zoar LM Ah Lord, with trembling I confess Zoar_LM.pdf Zoar_LM Bb version.pdf Zoar_LM Alto clef.pdf  
nn TS Psalm 1 NV - T Clark How blest is he who ne'er consents Clark Psalm1NV.pdf Clark Psalm1NV BflatInstr..pdf
H160 EM Wilts. - John Moreton What mighty man H160_Wilts by John Moreton (What mighty Man - Concert).pdf H160_Wilts by John Moreton (What mighty Man)-Bbinsts.pdf    
P203 EM Psalm 49 - Watts -  John Moreton Why doth the man of riches grow P203-Psalm 49 Dr Watts-by John Moreton-Concert.pdf P203-Psalm 49 Dr Watts-by John Moreton-Bbinsts.pdf    
P204 EM Psalm 27 OV - Great Leek Tune - John Arnold One thing of God I do require P204-Psalm 27_Great-Leek-Tune_by_John-Arnold-in-Ivery-Concert.pdf P204-Psalm 27_Great-Leek-Tune_by_John-Arnold-in-Ivery-Bbinsts.pdf    
nn TS Northampton - John Fawcett Awake, our souls, away our fears Northampton.pdf NorthamptonBf.pdf    
H 161 SM Caution - William Blundell Alas the hourly dangers rise H161_Caution by William Blundell-Concert.pdf H161_Caution by William Blundell-Bbinsts.pdf    
P205 SM Narborough - Thomas Jarman The Lord himself, the mighty Lord P205-Psalm 23-NV_Narborough__by_Jarman-Concert.pdf P205-Psalm 23-NV_Narborough__by_Jarman-Bbinsts.pdf    
H162 SM Pilgrim's Haven - F W Saunders Jesu, lover of my soul H162_Pilgrim's-Haven_Francis Woolhouse-Saunders-Concert2.pdf H162_Pilgrim's-Haven_Francis-Woolhouse-Saunders-Bbinsts2.pdf    
P206 SM Daventry - John Hillyard My God, my King P206_Daventry_John-Hillyard-Concert 2.pdf P206_Daventry_John-Hillyard-Bbinsts 2.pdf    
  RJ Ceylon - WJ White Thou whom my soul admires above Ceylon WJWhite SacredHerald CONCERT.pdf Ceylon WJWhite SacredHerald BFLAT.pdf    
  RJ Pilgrim's Song - WJ White Rise my soul and stretch thy wings The Pilgrim's Song and Sym CONCERT.pdf The Pilgrim's Song and Sym B FLAT.pdf    
P 79 EM Psalm 34 - Joseph Key The angel of the Lord doth pitch /P79_Psalm 34 _J Key-2021-Concert2.pdf P79_Psalm 34 _J Key-2021-Bbinsts.pdf    
  EM Grand Slow March - Dobney instrumental J5_Dobney_Grand-Slow-March_enlarged-transposed to F ma-rev'd x 5.pdf    

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