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SingBirmingham! 2021

10 am, Saturday 6th November 2021


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In the file names:
A = Anthem; C = Carol; H = Hymn; P = Psalm; U = American, M = Miscellaneous
Name Composer Concert B flat  
Birmingham - Come, thou almighty King Benjamin Milgrove H156_Birmingham PM_Benjamin-Milgrove-Concert.pdf H156_Birmingham PM_Benjamin-Milgrove-Bbinsts.pdf 1  -  1
Orient Star - Advent Hymn - Lo he comes with clouds descending MS source - unknown C221_Orien-Star_Lo-he-comes-with clouds-descending-Concert.pdf C221_Orient-Star_Lo-he-comes-with clouds-descending-Bbinsts.pdf 2  -  3
Mercy - Mercy sounds from God our King Samuel Stanley H154_Mercy_Samuel-Stanley-Concert.pdf H154_Mercy_Samuel-Stanley-Bbinsts.pdf 3
Psalm 69  -
Save me O God from waves that roll
Stephen Jarvis P106_Psalm-69NV_Stephen-Jarvis - Concert2021.pdf /P106_Psalm-69NV_Stephen-Jarvis - Bbinsts-2021.pdf 4
I heard a Voice from Heaven Caleb Ashworth, arr. Aaron Williams A120-S_Anthem on Revelations the 14th Caleb Ashworth arr Aaron Williams-Concert.pdf A120-S_Anthem on Revelations the 14th Caleb Ashworth arr Aaron Williams-Bbinsts.pdf 5
Greenwich -
Lord what a thoughtless wretch was I
Daniel Read U8_Greenwich for Waterloo 2021-2verses-Concert.pdf U8_Greenwich for Waterloo 2021-2verses-Bbinsts.pdf 6
Anthem VII
on Psalm 128 - Wedding Psalm
MS source- John Bishop A91_AnthemVII-onPsalm128_John Bishop-N'thmbrland-2 pages-revised 2021.pdf A91_AnthemVII-onPsalm128_John Bishop-N'thmbrland-2 pages-revised-Bbinsts-2021.pdf 7
Psalm 13 NV -
How long wilt thou forget me Lord?
John Valentine singbirmingham/SB2021/SB21-music/P199_Psalm-13NV_John-Valentine-Concert-2021.pdf singbirmingham/SB2021/SB21-music/P199_Psalm-13NV_John-Valentine-Bbinsts-2021.pdf 8
There were Shepherds + Pentonville + Song of the Angels Joseph Key +
William Marsh +
William Knapp
A_61M_Key-Marsh-Knapp_Shepherds at Christmas-2021-Concert.pdf A_61M_Key-Marsh-Knapp_Shepherds at Christmas-2021-Bbinsts.pdf 9  -  6
Lisbon - Welcome sweet day of rest Daniel Read H155_Lisbon_Daniel-Read-Concert.pdf H155_Lisbon_Daniel-Read_Bbinsts.pdf 10
Ramsgate - Hail once more auspicious morn Thomas Clark C222_Ramsgate_T-Clark_in-Cma-Concert.pdf C222_Ramsgate by T Clark from Robertson in Dma-Bbinsts.pdf 11  -  1
Babylon Streams - As by the streames of Babilon Thomas Campion P99_Psalm 137_BabylonStreams-Concert.pdf P99_Psalm 137_BabylonStreams-Bb.pdf 12  -  1
Hymn for Christmas Day 1836 Unknown, ca 1825 -1836 Edited  from the Melbury Osborn MS. C218_Hark ye not-Carol for 1836-Unknown-Concert.pdf C218_Hark ye not-Carol for 1836-Unknown-Bbinsts.pdf 13
Hymn for Christmas Day - Hark hear ye not a cheerful noise William Knapp C114_Hark hear ye not a chearful voice_Knapp-Concert-2021.pdf C114_Hark hear ye not a chearful voice_Knapp-Bbinsts-2021.pdf 14