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Not so much a Database, but partially
searchable lists for research purposes.

This is an experimental attempt to assemble in one place information gathered by members of the West Gallery Music Association relating to research into Anthems and other music contained in printed sources and manuscripts, which is not covered by Nicholas Temperley's Hymn Tune Index. This magnificent corpus is run under the auspices of the National Endowment for the Humanities at the University of Illinois, USA, and has been created as a fully searchable on-line Database, and inevitably contains information in far greater detail than here.  Rather, our web site has been drawn up along the lines of ChoralWiki, home of the Choral Public Domain Library. Users of these lists of information may well like to refer to these two sites in conjunction with searching here. Plans for a searchable database are in hand, but may take a little further time to come to fruition.
Anthems is a word used to describe a number of types of music, excluding psalm and hymn tunes (which can be found on Nicholas Temperley's Hymn Tune Index). It is better described as  

a through-composed setting of a sacred prose text. Set pieces (through-composed settings of metrical texts) are excluded, as are chanting tunes which are not through-composed. The intention is to include some non-sacred pieces of music, perhaps limited to glees and part songs, as these are included in many printed anthologies of sacred music.


There are four starting pages for searching information stored to date. These are:

Music Incipits

The musical incipits of each Anthem, [and individual parts of each Anthem] have been recorded both alphabetically and numerally. They are so listed in order. Clicking on an adjoining Icon takes you to a page where further details of all Anthems are recorded which are known to have been written by a particular Composer.

Text Incipits

In a similar way, alphabetical incipits have been collected for each [part of an] Anthem. These are listed as for Music Incipits, but may have a number of numerical references against each entry, as several composers are knwn to have used similar texts. Clicking live links will take you to the relevant Composer page.


Each link in the Composers List opens a separate page which shows details of all Anthems so far found for that Composer, together with details of the Source books referred to. These Source details have been abridged from Nicholas Temperley's Hymn Tune Index.


A list of Sources with details, where known, is in course of preparation.