Immanuel’s GROUND

Warwick's West Gallery Quire



Accumulated history relating to the Quire and the music we sing and play

  • A Sermon preached by Rev'd. Jeffrey West at the Book of Common Prayer Evensong for which Immanuel's Ground sang, and after a workshop together with the church choir, in St Mary’s Church, Banbury, on Sunday 28 October 2007.

  • The tune 'Otford', sung by the Ladies of Immanuel's Ground, to four verses of 'While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night'.   Tune by Michael Beesly and words by Nahum Tate.  Thomas Hardy's favourite tune for this Carol. Performed during a concert at Wilmcote, Warwickshire, on 12th December 2010, and conducted by Sheila Macadam.


  • Lord! and shall Angels have their songs
    And Men to times to rage
    Oh! may one lose there woeful tongues     (their?)
    When they forget to praise

                         Apparently one verse of the carol: "Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes,"
                         showing how much can be lost or mis heard when ecording aural tradition!

                                             Lord, and shall angels have their songs,
                                             And men no tunes to raise?
                                             O may we lose our useless tongues
                                             When they forget to praise.


    Is not the voice but power
    Sound heart not sounding string
    True zeal not outward show
    That in God's Ear doth ring.

                         From a music manuscript book