Warwick's West Gallery Quire

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If you would like to hear more of the sort of music we sing and play, we are appearing at the following venues in the coming months of 2017.
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Byfield, Northants
Saturday 30th January
10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Byfield Bowls Club Committee Room
Musical Away Day for Quire members with new music; Soup and cheese lunch at the Cross Tree Inn, Byfield. Visitors, please get in touch if you would like to attend.
Saturday 11th February
10.30 am -
St Nicholas' Church, Warwick
Sing Warwick! 2017
Supported by Warwick County Record Office.
For singers and instrumentalists
Cost £10 per applicant, which includes light refreshments and music.
An important day of local music from the Quire Books of St Nicholas' Church, Warwick, and All Saint's Church, Harborough Magna with works by two newly discovered church composers from Warwickshire and Northants., found in the Record Office.
Byfield, Northants
Saturday 29th April
10.00 am - 4.30 pm
The 13th Mid-Shires' Quires' Day
The Village Hall, Byfield, Northants.
A Day of West Gallery music by local composers for singers and instrumentalists
Cost £8 per applicant, which includes refreshments and music.
Please bring a plate of cold food to share at lunch-time.
Details and Booking Form here, but please also refer to the MSQD page
Please book early, as there is a maximum capacity of 80 people in the Hall.
Chipping Warden, Northants
Sunday 25th June
6.00 pm TBC
St Peter's & St Paul's Parish Church, Chipping Warden, Northamptonshire.
Patronal Evensong
Kings Norton, Birmingham
Saturday 4th November
10.00 am - 4.30 pm


Sing Birmingham! 2015
St Nicolas' Church, Kings Norton, Birmingham

81 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham, West Midlands B38 8RU
A day of west gallery music and carols for singers and instrumentalists starting at 10.00 am and using the beautiful, warm, historic church of St Nicolas.

This is the fifth of our biennial workshops in and around Birmingham,which attract people from many places, both far and wide. Music is taken from locally sourced books and manuscripts as well as 'west gallery favourites', and is music which has become part of a repertoire common to modern west gallery quires and bands.

Use this link to get directions from where you live to St Nicolas' Church.

or Walton d'Eivile
Saturday 9th DecembeTime T.B.C.
Evening Carol Service
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The ecclesiastical year 2006-2031


A Table of Moveable Feasts
 2016.  Sundays after Epiphany: Two.  Septuagesima Sunday: 24 January.  The First Day of Lent: 10 February.  Easter Day: 27 March.  Rogation Sunday: 1 May.  Ascension Day: 5 May.  Whitsunday: 15 May. Sundays after Trinity: 26.  Advent Sunday: 27 November.

2017.  Golden Number: IV.  The Epact: 2.  Sunday Letter: A.  Sundays after Epiphany: Five.  Septuagesima Sunday: 12 February.  The First Day of Lent: 1 March.  Easter Day: 16 April.  Rogation Sunday: 21 May.  Ascension Day: 25 May.  Whitsunday: 4 June.  Sundays after Trinity: 24.  Advent Sunday: 3 December.

 2018.  Golden Number: V.  The Epact: 13.  Sunday Letter: G.  Sundays after Epiphany: Three.  Septuagesima Sunday: 28 January.  The First Day of Lent: 14 February.  Easter Day: 1 April.  Rogation Sunday: 6 May.  Ascension Day: 10 May.  Whitsunday: 20 May.  Sundays after Trinity: 26.  Advent Sunday: 2 December.

 2019.  Golden Number: VI.  The Epact: 24.  Sunday Letter: F.  Sundays after Epiphany: Five.  Septuagesima Sunday: 17 February.  The First Day of Lent: 6 March.  Easter Day: 21 April.  Rogation Sunday: 26 May.  Ascension Day: 30 May.  Whitsunday: 9 June.  Sundays after Trinity: 23.  Advent Sunday: 1 December.

 2020.  Golden Number: VII.  The Epact: 5.  Sunday Letter: ED.  Sundays after Epiphany: Four.  Septuagesima Sunday: 9 February.  The First Day of Lent: 26 February.  Easter Day: 12 April.  Rogation Sunday: 17 May.  Ascension Day: 21 May.  Whitsunday: 31 May. Sundays after Trinity: 24.  Advent Sunday: 29 November.