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19th Mid-Shires' Quires' Day 2024
The Music

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IGQ No   Title &
First Line Concert Music Bb Music midi
  T Enjoyment Come ye that love the Lord Enjoyment.pdf Enjoyment BfInstr.pdf            
  T Psalm 137 - Babylon - James Evison As by the streams of Bablylon Psalm137 (Babylon).pdf Psalm137 (Babylon) BfInstr.pdf  
  T Psalm 46 - Barnes God is the refuge of his saints Psalm46 Barnes.pdf Psalm46 Barnes BfInstr.pdf  
C228 E Bethlehem -
Richard Taylor
Behold the Grace appears C228_Behold the Grace appearsBethlehem_Richard-Taylor-Concert (2).pdf C228_Behold the Grace appears-Bethlehem_Richard-Taylor-Bbinsts (2).pdf midi
P229 E Islands -
Richard Taylor
The islands of the northern sea P229_Psalm-97_Isaac-Watts_CM-version - Islands - Concert.pdf P229_Psalm-97_Isaac-Watts_CM-version-Islands-Bbinsts.pdf  
C232 S Advent Hymn -
(Gates of Brass) -
C Whitehouse
Hark the glad sound, the Saviour comes C232_Cornelius Whitehouse Advent Hymn - Gates-of-Brass- Concert.pdf C232_Cornelius Whitehouse Advent Hymn - Gates-of-Brass-Bbinsts.pdf  
H173 S Beaumont Minor - John Beaumont Glory to God that walks the sky H173_Beaumont-Minor_John-Beaumont-Concert (2).pdf H173_Beaumont-Minor_John-Beaumont-Bbinsts.pdf midi
H042 (C) G Epiphany -
John Moreton
The King of Glory sends his son H042-C_Epiphany(2024)-Moreton-Tenor led-4vv-under-notes-Concert.pdf H042-C_Epiphany(2024)-Moreton-Tenor led-4vv-under-notes-Bbinsts.pdf  
P141 G Advent - John Callcott Let Zion and her sons rejoice P141_Advent_Callcott_inBb-Concert-2021 rev2.pdf P141_Advent_Callcott_inC-Concert-2021 rev2 Bbnsts.pdf  
  B Church Street CM - John Moore MS Thee, Jesus full of truth and grace Church_Street_CM.pdf Church_Street_CM (Bb).pdf  
B Derby LM - John Moore MS Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear Derby_LM..pdf Derby_LM. (Bb).pdf
  K Tranquility -
William Matthews
Jehovah reigns, let all the earth Tranquility L M_William-Matthews_score-Concert.pdf Tranquility L M_William-Matthews_score-Bbinsts.pdf  
H174 S Funeral Piece - Edward Miller The righteous souls that take their flight H174_Edward-Miller_Funeral-Hymn-1790-Concert.pdf H174_Edward-Miller_Funeral-Hymn-1790-Bbinsts.pdf  
M99 E Grey's Elegy -
Dr Hayes
The curfew tolls the knell of parting day M99_The curfew tolls_Gray's Elegy_set-to-William-Hayes-psalm-Bbma-Concert-Final-2024.pdf M99_The curfew tolls_Gray's Elegy_set-to-William-Hayes-psalm-Cma-Bbinsts-Final-2024.pdf  
  R Inquiry - W.J.White 'Tis a point I long to know WhiteWJ Inquiryp43 g.pdf WhiteWJ Inquiryp43 g B FLAT a.pdf  

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