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Practices recommence Wednesday 24th August at Northgate Church.
At present we practise every Wednesday evening at 8 pm at Northgate Church Hall in Warwick.  Practices are open to anyone who would like to attend - we are at present practising for the Concert for the Folk Festival.
We should like to encourage new members, both singers and players, to join us,
so do come along on a Wednesday evening and find out what it's all about! 

See the 'New Members' page for further details.

West Gallery returns to Lichfield - see below!!
and see the event page at

Various locations
south of Banbury

Saturday 3rd September
10.00 am - 6.00 pm
16th Oxford Psalmody Church Visitation
within the Diocese of Oxford

Oxford Psalmody supported by Immanuel's Ground.
Itinerary & Details:


Canons Ashby, Northants.
Sunday 11th September

Service 4.30 pm. 
Also singing in the church from
2.00 pm in the church.

Harvest Festival Evensong
St Mary's Priory Church, Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire

National Trust
We are delighted to have been asked back again by the National Trust to sing a West Gallery Evensong in this ancient building, one of only four privately owned churches in the country. The Quire will also be singing earlier in the afternoon for visitors to the church. The Service will be one of Evensong taken from the Book of Common Prayer, and will be a celebration of Harvest with the church decorated by the Trust's gardeners at the Big House.
West Gallery returns to Lichfield
Wade Street Church, Lichfield

As part of the Lichfield Heritage Weekend's Georgian Festival 2016, Immanuel's Ground will be singing during the morning at the Wade Street Church, both at 11.00 am, and again at 12.00 noon, for the benefit of those visiting the Church.

At 2.00 pm that afternoon there will be a Workshop for Singers and Instrumentalists in the Hall adjoining the Church to which everyone is welcome. It will be helpful to know if you are coming, as music booklets need to be prepared!

Please see further details on our Calendar page

If you would like any further details, or would like adding to our circulation list,
contact us

Immanuel's Ground is a Quire based in Warwick, was formed in the Autumn of 2001, and draws members from the "Heart of England", which, generally speaking, is Oxfordshire, Northants, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. We also have members from further afield.

As a costumed quire, we sing music from the West Gallery period, ie roughly between 1725 and 1850, this including not only the sacred music sung in rural parish churches, so well recorded by Thomas Hardy in "Under the Greenwood Tree", but also secular part-songs, glees and catches, and the popular music of the period, with especial emphasis on local composers and musicians. This is accompanied by a small number of instruments such as would have been found in any village band of that time.

The other part of our repertoire comes from a parallel and living singing tradition in America, and especially New England, that of shapenote music, with its exciting and sometimes unexpected harmonies, kept alive since the time of the earliest settlers. We also include some of the new compositions still being written today. 

We take part in concerts, church services (usually a form of evening service), carols - concerts, services and pub sessions - and are happy to share the music with local choirs by workshops and other participatory events, either on their own or as a prelude to a shared service. Local historical material is included wherever possible.  See where we shall be in the coming months.

We would like to encourage additional players of appropriate instruments (strings, clarinet, flute etc),  and one or two singers - particularly MALE TENORS in order to strengthen the lead lines.  Much of the music is tenor-led, i.e., the tune is sung by the Tenors, and the Trebles have a very important counterpoint. Do come along to a practice and see just how different this music is; details of how to contact us can be found here.
  Our repertoire and details of concerts and workshops, etc, can be found here.

The Quire in 1891

Stoneleigh - May 2016

Immanuel's Ground at
Walton d'Eivile, Warwickshire, All Saints Day Evensong, Sunday 1st November 2015

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